Executive Producer

Pavel Puntus

He’s the kind of person who doesn’t let laziness into his state of mind. He always sets the bar higher. He loves difficult challenges. If you ever feel something is impossible, call Pavel, he will figure it out.

Chief Operating Officer

Kir Skaletski

Have you ever wondered how many bones a squirrel should have to jump on the table right next to your product in a packshot? And what if a director from London needs a personal meeting in Los Angeles to help him figure out a brilliant solution for a sophisticated scene with many visual effects and Godzilla in the shot?… Kir will treat him to breakfast in Urth Café, and tomorrow morning the director will be applausing while watching previses! Kir is obsessed with computer graphics and animated animals are his personal passion!


Roman Serdyuk

Huge strong and gentle Roman used to translate american TV-shows to Russian. That’s why his enlish is very good. There are a lot of big brands under his belt, such as KIA, Renault, Samsung, MTS, Megafon etc. Roman also has huge experience in television series post production. Inability to say ‘no’ is the only Roman’s flaw.

VFX Supervisor

Michael Kogan

Misha is a head of compositing.
He is the most calm person in PPvfx. Nobody knows how to make him angry. Sometimes we think that he knows more than Google because if you can’t find something on Google you should ask Misha. Most likely he knows the answer.
Misha supervises shoots around the world. He supervised drugs in Los Angeles and ships in Greece, cars in Portugal and motor oil in Carelia, Olimpic games at peninsula etc.

CG Supervisor

Ivan Oputin

Ivan’s endurance is incredible. Earth will stop and all the world fade away. Only Ivan will live and keep working. You’ve got a problem with no solution? Vanya will solve it in 24 hours. If not, he’ll take 24 hours more and make it! Ivan made mirror ball by his own hands. However he uses 360-camera instead.
Vanya has a vision. This is confirmed by projects for Renault, Nutrilon, Neste, Hyundai, Sberbank, Doshirak etc.


Alexander Largin

Alex knows very well how important the order is. He makes sure that everything in PPvfx’s pipeline goes right. He understands color very well and most likely soon will become a colourist.


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