Executive Producer

Pavel Puntus

He’s the kind of person who doesn’t let laziness into his state of mind. He always sets the bar higher. He loves difficult challenges. If you ever feel something is impossible, call Pavel, he will figure it out.

Head of Sales

Alex Sytnik

Alex believes that kindness will save the world. Somehow he manages himself to stay calm in any situation. We couldn’t figure out how to make him angry yet. Alex is a badass in healthy eating, just ask him about it, and once we realized that he made the whole office doing planks at least 3 times a day.

Client Manager in Vietnam

Lieu Dien Nguyen

She’ll take care of clients in Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. Having 6 years of experience in the advertising industry, she knows exactly how to manage projects of different types: from Music Videos, Viral Videos to TV Commercials projects. Lieu Dien participated in many positions and in many production houses of Vietnam. Her favorite phrase is: Everything negative – pressure and challenge is an opportunity for me to rise. Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.

Client Manager

Grigory Sobolev

After studying at the University of Liverpool, he worked as a manager in architectural offices, where he learned a sensitive attitude to the needs of clients, a sense of beauty and to meet strict deadlines.
Produced two short films, one of which received the main prize from the hands of Emir Kusturica. He also worked in spartan conditions on a mystery tv-series for TV as a producer and location. Instead of meditating, he makes films based on his own scripts and draws in blender.

Junior Producer

Anya Kudinova

Anya is not looking for easy ways. She joined the company as a client manager, and now she leads projects as a full-fledged producer! During her school years, in order to improve her English, she lived for a year in an American family. Looking at Anya, you might think that she is a typical American cheerleader from a popular film, but this is not the case, she is in fact a typical volleyball player from a small local team.

Junior Producer

Anya Kaverzina

Burning with love for cosmetics, bright manicure and Turkish TV series. At the age of 17, she left Moscow on her own and entered the College of New York to study Journalism. She received additional education in the field of Conflictology studies. Thanks to her work as a location manager, she went through thick and thin. And it was here that her additional education came in handy. She hid a pack of dogs in the back of a hotel, threw bikini-clad girls off the skyscrapers and crawled under the roof of the Multimedia Art Museum. She also knows all the striptease clubs in Moscow.

Vfx Editor

Petya Pavshintsev

Petya has an incredible capacity for work, we are all at a loss when his day begins and ends. In the early morning Petya is already in the office, in the evening he is still there, working tirelessly.
Petya spends his free time studying Unreal Engine and creating graphic projects. He is constantly improving his skills and will soon become a Motion Designer. In our company, Petya is famous for asking very precise questions and constantly snacking.


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