Founder & Executive Producer

Pasha Puntus

He’s the human version of a motivational poster. He never lets laziness get the best of him, he’s always setting the bar higher and higher. He’s a master of taking on difficult challenges, if you ever think something is impossible, just give Pasha a call, he’ll figure it out, no problem.
And yes, he really whips the Llama’s ass!

Head of Sales

Grigory Sobolev

After graduating from the University of Liverpool, he worked as a manager in architectural offices, where he learned the art of reading client’s mind, a sense of aesthetics and how to meet deadlines without losing his mind. He’s a two-time short film maker, one of which won the top prize from the hands of Emir Kusturica, he also worked as a producer and location scout in a mystery TV series, shot in the most challenging conditions. Instead of meditating, he makes films based on his own scripts and creates with Blender, that’s how he finds inner peace.

Head of Production

Ksenia Vasilkova

Meet our incredible epitome of beauty and brains. As the former Head of Production in an advertising agency, she knows how to run a show like nobody’s business. But her dedication doesn’t stop there – imagine her, a true superhero, schlepping a computer all the way to Saudi Arabia, proving that she’s not just a pretty face, but also a tech-savvy powerhouse. And did we mention her love for music? Well, she took it to a whole new level by marrying a bass player – now that’s what we call a harmonious match! With Ksenia in our VFX team, we’re not just creating magic on screen, but also a symphony of laughter and creativity. She’s the rockstar of our crew, and we’re lucky to have her rocking our visual world!


Anna Kudinova

Meet Anya, a health-conscious individual who enjoys adventure and has a passion for nutrition. She has an inquisitive mind and has studied everything from international relations to psychology. Her aim is to explore the world and immerse oneself in diverse cultures. She has degrees in International Law from both Moscow State University and MGIMO, and she has a natural appreciation for beauty in all of its manifestations. She inspires others to pursue their aspirations and set their sights on even the most improbable achievements. What’s next on her to-do list? Jumping off of a plane! Join her on their quest for wellness, knowledge, and adventure.

Art Director

Igor Irbitskiy

Rarely do you come across someone as responsive and exceptionally talented as Igor. His unparalleled talent and client-centric approach have won the hearts of everyone he collaborates with. Igor’s ability to connect with clients and deliver precisely what they desire sets him apart. His visuals are not just on point; they’re legendary. Igor is more than an art director; he’s an inspiration and a true cornerstone of our creative journey.

Senior CG Coordinator

Vlad Komarovski

Vlad here, our coordinator. He graduated with honors as the “best DJ of the school.” Along the way, he learned to clone himself, however his clone is sometimes misidentified as his son by those around him. He once came to a commercial shoot and accidentally made a parachute leap. With 9 years of experience producing film projects, Vlad readily applies his extensive knowledge to create computer graphics (CGI) for video production.

CG Coordinator

Val Pavlienko

Val is a true bundle of energy! Her infectious laughter has the power to turn even the gloomiest day into a celebration. But don’t let that fool you – she’s also a project management maestro and a multilingual virtuoso. Armed with a passport adorned with visas from over 10 countries and stories from living in 3 of them, she’s a real adventure seeker. And did we mention her music playlist? It’s a wild mix, ranging from Taylor Swift to the most extravagant new metal bands. Oh, and her expertise in eyeshadow application? Val’s major contribution to our team is the perfect balance between work and play! With her, every day is an adventure.

Senior CG Generalist

Vasil Bodnar

Vasil’s adventurous spirit was sparked while working on a cruise ship. Years at TV channels have fortified his creative perspective. Thailand serves as his source of inspiration and relaxation. Despite his reserved nature, his work speaks volumes. He’s our Senior CG Generalist, embracing the challenges of silence and transforming them into creative masterpieces. Vasil’s work truly speaks for itself, and his silent determination is the driving force behind his creative endeavors.

CG Generalist

Ivan Kachesov

Ivan is our young creative genius! He began as a civil engineer but quickly shifted his focus to the world of visual effects. His career journey includes stints as a videographer and motion designer before diving into the realms of 3D and Unreal Engine. His dream? To direct a music video for his favorite artist. Plus, in his free time, he crafts mesmerizing animated short films. He’s even managed to grab himself a slice of life’s delicious pie in the form of marrying a model.

VFX Supervisor

Slava Khramyshev

Slava’s been in the game since 1998 when his father got him his first computer and a 8mm film camera. From learning 3D Studio from a dusty old book to adding mind-blowing effects to videos, he’s done it all. Now, he’s our awesome VFX Supervisor, he’s on a mission to keep us from burning out on those tough projects. And his dream? To create an educational masterpiece that fixes the flaws in today’s education system, getting kids ready for real life. Slava’s expertise is what keeps our graphics ship sailing smoothly.

VFX Editor

Peter Pavshintsev

Pete is a workhorse, never stopping and always pushing forward. He’s always the first in the office and the last to leave, it’s like he’s powered by caffeine. He spends his free time mastering Unreal Engine and creating mind-bending graphics. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes a Motion Designer, and we can’t wait to see it happen. In the office, he’s a snack enthusiast and always asks the most pointed questions, it’s like he’s trying to solve the mysteries of the universe.
Pete is also a pioneer in using neural networks for concept art in PPVFX. He creates stunning concepts with cars and futuristic environments.


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