Executive Producer

Pavel Puntus

He’s the kind of person who doesn’t let laziness into his state of mind. He always sets the bar higher. He loves difficult challenges. If you ever feel something is impossible, call Pavel, he will figure it out.

Сlient Manager

Alex Sytnik

Alex believes that kindness will save the world. Somehow he manages himself to stay calm in any situation. We couldn’t figure out how to make him angry yet. Alex is a badass in healthy eating, just ask him about it, and once we realized that he made the whole office doing planks at least 3 times a day.

Comp Supervisor

Anaida Khovrenkova

You won’t recognize what Anaida and her crew made with the shot. This is the main aim of her work. When she watches the movies she sees combined elements of the video instead of the action in the frame, like Neo sees the Matrix. If you need to figure out if the picture is real or was compiled by someone, ask Anaida. Mostly she sees it from first sight. Anaida loves traveling by bike and taking photos.

Lighting TD

Slava Sych

He is the DOP and a gaffer in 3D space. He knows about light more than the Light knows itself. Where it comes from, how it reflects, how it refracts, and how to make it look real. Diffusion, index of refraction, subsurface scattering, etc. What’s the difference between reflections on the metal and dielectric, and semiconductor. Only the presumption of innocence left… Slava loves the order. He designs great roadmaps and makes automatizations with code. However, he is not a nerd!

FX Artist

Alex Konovalov

Alex is the Fire… And the water, the smoke, the rain, the fog, and all other natural phenomena. He is the champ in physics. If you see something exploding or crashing, or diving, or swimming or something like that in our work, then you know for sure that Alex was there. Nobody sees how many iterations Alex and his team make, but the director is always happy when he sees the final result he imagined. Alex is strong. Only Pavel can beat him in pull-ups, but he is on his way.

VFX Editor

Alexander Largin

Alex knows very well how important the order is. He makes sure that everything in PPvfx’s pipeline goes right. He understands color very well and most likely soon will become a colourist.


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