PPvfx is looking for a powerhouse postproduction producer, with experience of direct communication with the client starting from 1 year. We expand, having fun with our favorite things and call it “the job”.

You will get a team without which you mean nothing. You will have a client who will be everything to you. If you know what we’re talking about, we exchange your skills for money.

For 2 months of the probationary period, you have to sell yourself to the team, and the clients have to ask us to work with you. Some clients ask for it in English, and you won’t have an interpreter.

At least you know how to:

– run pitches with a client;

– run projects with the team;

– paperwork for projects;

– with the words “will it look like that finally?” you do not go out the window.

We will tell you how we do it here.

Compensation of 80 000 – 120 000rub., bonus system per project.

Working hours 11:00-20:00, but sometimes the client forgets about it.

Email us to with the topic “Postproduction producer”.


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