Saudi Arabia`s Founding Day video for The Saudi Ministry of Health



One of the latest CG works we are particularly proud of is the video for The Saudi Ministry of Health for the celebration of Saudi Arabia`s Founding Day on the February 22nd 2024.


The client came to us with the idea what they want to see and with several references. We had to come up with a workable idea fast because the deadline was approaching, so we used AI as part of our pipeline. Of course all the AI images were artistically reworked afterwards.


The main hero of this story is the palm that is pictured at several logos of Saudi Arabia`s companies: military, airline, tv station and of course the Ministry of Health. And that is not just any palm (not banana palm for instance), the client wanted to see the exact type of palm that grows in the local area. So we had to become palm experts as well. 


We used Bedouin traditional Al Sadu weaving texture aesthetics as the key style for the images.


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PPVFX team

Producer – Tanita Gorbunova

Art-director – Vasily Ovchinnikov 

VFX Superviser – Dmitry Boychenko

Ivan Kachesov

Ekaterina Zorova 

Natalia Naumova 

Sergey Nesterenko

Evgeny Malyshev


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