Our project for the Naked Eye 3D LED display


Last month we finished a new type of project for us – a video for Naked-Eye 3D LED display for a pretty large bank. This is relatively new technology that creates an illusion of 3D image for multiple viewers. This technology is so cool because it does not require any glasses or extra equipment to view the 3D image.


But you cannot take any video and just paste it onto that 3D LED display, it will not work. The video should be done not only specifically for the display, but also for the location of that screen, keeping in mind the spot the viewers will watch it from. That means you cannot take a video that was done for another 3D LED display and just play it on any 3D LED display you want. While making a CG video for such a display the artists should know where it will be played and where the viewers will be to create suitable perspective that would match that of the buildings around the screen. Usually the video contains borders that match the surrounding architecture in color and mimic being part of the building. Those borders are totally static. So the objects in the video can mimic sticking out of the opening and leaving their shadows on the borders. That completes the spatial illusion of the objects being real. But the viewers can see it this way only from one angle.


In order to see how it will look on site without going to the location every time, we create a 3D version of the location and use VR to evaluate the look of the whole thing. Then we show our client renders of the video applied to the location model.


And recently we had the opportunity of making such a video and it was so much fun! Of course it`s full CG. There is a breakdown of our creation.



Producer: Diana Mustafina

Coordinator: Vladislav Komarovsky

Art-director: Nikolay Okolita

VFX supervisor:  Dmitry Istomin

Generalist: Vasily Bodnar

Motion design: Petr Pavshintsev, Ruslan  Vyaltsev, Bayish Kasimov, Kyrill Pestovsky

Lookdev: Mikhail Nikitin


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