Video for Riyadh Bank outdoor screens

The problem with video production is that it involves many people and often they don`t know what the final product will look like upfront because the best idea for visualizing the concept comes after you have already tried several versions, even sometimes – after you complete the project. We know that and try to plan for it in advance. For instance.

Riyad Bank came to us with the task of creating an effect for their video. They wanted to insert in the footage a flying glowing line or ribbon that would fly from one shot to another signifying the flow of power that energizes the world and its processes. At the same time it also means the stream of money that the bank is managing. And we all know that money is energy, right?


So that flow of light unites different events together just like financial flow keeps the world alive and going. That was the concept.


They also wanted to see glowing infinity sign floating in every shot. Moreover, we only had four days to complete the shots. The main shot was the last one – with the infinity sign turning into 66 (number years the bank keeps the money flow going). We first designed that one, where and how the glowing line enters the frame. Because the previous shot should end with the line coming out of the frame in exactly the same spot. 


We created virtual 3D space and designed the flight of the light weave so that it would be one continuous movement. Then we set up the camera angles to match the footage shots angles and «filmed» the light weave the way that it would fly from shot to shot and unite the filmed space together despite the fact that the shots were filmed by different cameras from different positions. We also replicated every filming camera properties in our virtual cameras. That helped to integrate the new elements more naturally.


After we completed the work the client realized it would be better if the light weave would actually perform the infinity sign as it flew by. This way the concept of uniting the world would be more pronounced and the motion would be more laconic and sleek: not two objects but one. And guess what? That called for total revamping of the finished video. We had to redo the whole work all over again and this time it took three weeks with several iterations. But the client got what they wanted – a better realized concept this time. That often happens in this business and we are not afraid of this extra work for the client’s satisfaction.

Later that clip played on hundreds of screens all over the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Producer: Vlad Komarovsky

Art-director: Igor Irbitsky

VFX Supervisor: Dmitry Boychenko

Motion designers: Dmitry Ivanov, Igor Erasov

Rotoscope: Christina Plotonova


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