«Producer» the Tamagotchi

Brand Bandai Namco in a joint venture with IMDB.com launches a new electronic toy for teenage and adult moviegoers «Producer» the Tamagotchi. According to its name, the electronic pet here is… a film producer. If you don`t entertain nor «feed» him with film projects he gets depressed and tends to walk out of the window. The game consists of listening to his pitches for new films or TV series. And that is where IMDB.com comes into play, the device connects to the IMDB database via the internet, or rather, it connects to AI which generates the ideas for movie projects and collects the cast, director, and screenwriter for it. And AI also uses creators who passed long ago, so you might get an unusual mix of Gone with the Wind and Stranger Things. And the application for the toy is very flexible, you can arrange the setting to use only the creators of one TV show or a franchise. So you easily can get a comedy musical with Game of Thrones personalities or a bloody slasher with familiar faces of the Harry Potter saga.


The producer will dance you a Mamoushka if he can make you happy with an interesting idea and will be very sad if you don`t press the button “Finance this project». By the way, you can present him with an Oscar if he creates something really extraordinary.


The toy will be launched this fall. Several famous film producers agreed to lend their personas to the toy. Can you guess their names?



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